Finding the Right Dining Chair

When looking for dining room furniture, your dining chair might be a little difficult to choose right away. With so many mass-produced dining chairs available, it can be difficult to find something unique… And if you have something special in mind, it can seem impossible to bring it to life! That’s where Nordic Design comes in. We handcraft all of our designer dining chairs, right here in South Australia! This ensures you take home a set of dining chairs that you absolutely love…

So, what actually makes Nordic Design’s dining chairs different from the rest? Firstly, as all of our pieces are handcrafted by our specialist craftspeople, you’re ensured the finest attention to detail. It also allows you to design your dining chairs from scratch. Whether you want to combine different styles or create something completely special – we can work with you to make it happen!


Dining Chairs with endless options…

Let’s talk about your options in some more detail… Firstly, you choose the design. It can be based on an original concept with special modifications, or can be created entirely from your imagination.

Not only can you dictate the shape and size of your chairs, but choose your desired timber as well. Whether you select from our Australian hardwoods or have us closely match to existing tones already in your home – it’s all possible. We have a large range of hardwood timbers to choose from and plenty of examples on display on our showroom for you to see.

Then there is the choice of fabric or leather upholstery – because your dining chairs should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle. As the dining area is often the heart of the home, you should have dining chairs that complement your style just right. Whether you desire luxurious leather or delicate fabric, you can achieve exactly the look you desire. Seen above are a mixture of popular styles we’ve seen come through our doors… Visit our showroom to see hundreds more upholstery selections…


Dining Chairs… Made for Comfort

Of course while the look of your dining chairs is extremely important, so is the level of comfort they provide… Like we said earlier, at Nordic Design we allow you to be apart of the design process. This means choosing the right level of comfort for your chairs too. Perhaps you require a higher back or additional padding? Make your chairs slightly higher (or lower) even. At Nordic Design, we understand that comfort is something that should never be compromised…

While above are just a few things you might like to consider before selecting some new dining chairs, you can see even more combinations our website. Just view our customer selections to gather inspiration!

And make sure you visit our showroom and talk to us about your requirements so we can design something perfect for you.