Bedroom Furniture Tips

Selecting bedroom furniture will be one of the most important furniture decisions you have to make. Being one of the places you will spend a lot of time, you want to create a room that’s functional, stylish and of course comfortable! Your bedroom is the place you start and end your day, so it’s important to create a space that you love!

So, how do you choose the right bedroom furniture? There are three things you first have to consider – design, colour and size. Once you’ve made the big decisions based around these things, we take care of the rest. As local furniture manufactures, we can handcraft anything you have in mind! So let’s show you some examples of what we can do…


Custom Bedroom Furniture… Why not?

The furniture selections for your bedroom shouldn’t be stock standard, as everyone has different requirements. At Nordic Design Furniture, you can fully customize the design of your bedroom furniture so it’s exactly the right fit for you. Let’s break it down so you know exactly what we mean…


Firstly, you have to determine what style you’d like for your bedroom. Is this a room that’s already contemporary or does it ooze traditional charm? Do you want bedroom furniture that will blend in with your space or make a bold statement?

Once you decide on this, we can start designing your bedroom furniture pieces. In our showroom we have a range of bedroom pieces that you can see up close… But this is only skimming the surface. Perhaps you love one of our contemporary designs (like the Elliot) but are drawn to the featured headboard of our Milan design? Why not combine the two? Seen here is exactly that… A timeless piece, with subtle components of contemporary design.

It doesn’t stop here though… Maybe the clean lines of the Kenton design are exactly what you’re after, but you’re limited for space? Add some hidden drawers under the base for extra storage… The perfect solution for a smaller room in need of storage! And still featuring clean lines and a flush finish.

While these examples spring to mind right away, there are hundreds of other combinations you can create. Plus, we have new bedroom pieces coming through our showroom weekly for you to browse – so why not stop in and gather some inspiration!


We predominantly manufacture our bedroom furniture using Australian Hardwood Timbers. Our options including Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle and American Oak. Of course, if you require a specific colour (to match existing furniture pieces) our specialist polishers can closely match tones as well!

With this selection of timbers you can create bedroom pieces that are more traditional or modern… You can even create a two-tone effect for something in-between if you like.


Timber selection can make all the difference

While timber is predominantly the feature for most of our furniture (especially in bedrooms), why not browse our fabric and leather selections? By introducing an upholstered headboard you can create a piece that’s unique to you and adds some additional comfort. Or simply customize some accent cushions for extra personality!


Lastly, but certainly not least, let’s talk about size! We understand that everyone’s bedroom is unique. With little nooks and sometimes-unconventional shapes, you can customize all measurements of your bedroom furniture so it fits just right.

Have your bed sit lower to the ground on a floating base for the illusion of extra space. Or enlarge your headboard for added luxury – the options are endless!


Bedroom storage is key

Storage in the bedroom is very important as well and by customizing your bedroom pieces, it’s the perfect opportunity to include extra storage space! Consider bedside tables, dressing tables, tallboys and so much more! We can handcraft your bedroom storage to any size (no matter how specific) so that it fits into your space the way it should.

Don’t forget to consider the height of your storage pieces as well – it can be very handy to include extra room!

So now that you’ve considered what you may require for your bedroom, why not visit our showroom and speak with us about your options.