modern extension dining table with timber top and open black base

For almost 50 years, Nordic Design have been crafting Extendable Dining Tables in our Adelaide Furniture Factory. As specialists in Dining Furniture, we understand the importance a Dining Table plays in most households – and there’s something particularly special about an Extendable Dining Table from Nordic Design…

A Table For All Occasions

In recent years, Extension Tables have been increasing in popularity, with growing families and incorporated dining/living areas. What was typically considered a traditional and formal furniture item, is now a convenient and desirable piece to incorporate in your daily Dining area. Due to the increased demand for Extendable Dining Tables, it’s allowed us to explore more modern designs (with many of these displayed in our large showroom).

extendable dining tables locally crafted in Adelaide

Whether you prefer a simple design, or something more detailed, we can assist in creating an Extendable Dining Table, designed around your preferred style and function. For something that’s compact for everyday use, but can be enlarged to accommodate more people when required – a Nordic Design Extension Table is ideal. Make entertaining simpler and more enjoyable by having more space.

Plus, with our designs and mechanism having evolved so much, there is no hesitation when it comes to choosing an Extendable Dining Table. Having a hidden mechanism means there is no distracting from the aesthetic of your table – eliminate the assumption that all Extension Tables are clunky and uncomfortable to use. Visit our showroom and explore a range of designs, sizes and timber selections.

extendable dining table open and closed

Only Using Quality, Natural Materials…

And because we use natural materials, your timber selection becomes the main design feature. Our timber options include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Of course, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones as well.

Explore our beautiful timber varieties in our Adelaide Furniture Store.

modern extension dining table made in Adelaide

At Nordic Design, there are hardly any limits when it comes to crafting your Extendable Dining Table. Start with any Dining Table design and let us transform it into an Extendable variation. We’ve seen plenty of fixed designs turn into an Extension option – take a look at some of our favourite Timber Extendable Dining Tables

Design & Convenience 

Not only for a formal Dining setting (despite the common assumption), our Extendable Tables are so flexible that we can custom design and build to any size to perfectly fit whatever space you have. Seen more commonly in apartments and smaller homes lately – take up less room day to day by keeping your table closed, and expand it for special occasions when you have more people. Our evolved designs are so refined and seamless, you almost wouldn’t know it’s Extendable… Until you open it up of course.

small extendable dining table in mountain ash timber made in Adelaide

An Extendable Dining Table is designed to take up minimal space for daily use, then has the option to extend by simply pulling out either end, placing with ease the timber leaves into their position to create the ‘extension’ of the existing table top. With our superior mechanism, all extension components are incorporated into the original table design, saving space and making it much easier to use your Extension Table.

large extendable dining table made in Blackwood timber

Effortlessly transform your 6 Seater Dining Table into a 10 Seater Dining Table – or even larger. All of our Extendable Dining Tables are offered in a range of size variations to accommodate your seating requirements (when closed and open). We can show you multiple variations (even with Dining Chairs) in our showroom to experiment with the amount of space that can be achieved. Because who doesn’t like the option for more space when it comes to dining?

Experience The Benefits Up Close…

Because our showroom has a variety of Extendable Dining Tables on display, you have the opportunity to experience our craftsmanship up close. The easy to use system means no strain on yourself or the table – which ensures longevity of your piece. Let us demonstrate the functionality for you, while talking you through timber selections and design options.

modern extendable dining table locally made in Adelaide

Best of all, being locally made means you can be involved in the design process from start to finish. Talk to us about your Dining area and lifestyle to determine what sort of Extendable Table will best suit your home.

And why not complete the suite with some Designer Dining Chairs? Built to last a lifetime, and customized to your preferred comfort level in any upholstery and timber you choose. Once again, we have plenty of design variations on display in our showroom for you to explore.

Conveniently located on Magill Road, with plenty of rear parking. We’re open 7 days a week, so come in and visit our friendly staff to discuss all your Dining Furniture needs!