Whether you call it a Lounge Suite, Sofa, Couch or Modular, at Nordic Design we can customise Lounge Furniture to fulfil your personal needs…

With 50 years of crafting experience in Adelaide, we can assist you in personalising a Lounge Suite that perfectly complements your home. So, what are some things to consider when updating your Lounge Furniture? Let’s touch on some of the most common points…

What is The Difference Between a Sofa and a Lounge?

To put it simply, the difference is personal preference… While a Sofa (or couch) can often be considered ‘less formal’ due to their relaxed style, this shouldn’t make you feel limited in your design or styling. As local furniture makes in Adelaide, Nordic Design can design a Sofa to any size, style and shape you like. Whether you need a 2 Seater or 3 Seater – or a combination of sizes to maximize your space.

A Lounge on the other hand, is typically considered ‘formal’ and generally suggests more seating. This can be in the form of a 4 seater arrangement or a Lounge with Chaise (also known as a Modular Lounge). If you have a larger room or an open living area, a bigger Lounge Suite might be something more suitable for you? Of course, we can customise sizing and design to best complement your home. If you choose a Modular style, we can arrange for the Chaise to sit on either side and even modify the arm finishes to ensure the best comfort.

modular lounge suite made in leather
But although every home has one, we know that everyone’s idea of Lounge Furniture is very different… That’s why we pride ourselves on crafting each Lounge Piece to personal requirements – no matter what you choose to call it.

The key things we keep at the forefront of everything we do are quality and comfort – ensuring we completely meet our client’s individual needs.

Choosing a Design For Your Lounge Furniture…

Choosing the design of your Lounge Suite can feel like a big commitment – and that’s because it is. Whether it will complete a formal lounge room or sit as part of your open living area, you want it to feel like it belongs in your space and love what you see.

So what are some options you can consider? Firstly, size will be the key choice you make. How much space do you have in your area and how much seating would be ideal for your home and lifestyle? We can build a custom Modular Lounge Suite to accommodate few or many. Alternatively, if you prefer more spaced seating, you might consider a combination of individual Sofas – a 2 seater and 3 seater combination or a matching sized pair for symmetry. Including an armchair or two is also a nice touch to offer flexible seating that can effortlessly be moved around your living space.

Fabric Lounge Suite locally made in Adelaide

Once you decide what configuration you prefer, the choice of upholstery is next (this is the fun part). Will you be choosing a fabric or Leather Lounge? We offer hundreds of upholstery selections – which are all available for viewing in our large Showroom. Choose from a range of textures, colours and patterns – or mix and match styles for visual interest. You might even wish to include extra features such as button details or an arm feature?

modern lounge suite with arm feature made in AdelaideCustom Lounge Suite with Button Detail
And at Nordic Design, because all of our Lounge Furniture is custom made for each client, this means your Lounge is truly one of a kind… How special is that?

Where Do I Start When Designing a Custom Lounge?

While the option of a Custom Lounge is exciting, it can also be quite overwhelming. The first questions is always ‘where do I start?’

In our Adelaide Furniture Store, we offer a range of designs which you can simply modify based on your size and colour preferences. This is always a good place to start if you don’t already have a specific style or concept in mind. Walk in, see something you like and personalise it to reflect your home.

But, if you know you want a ‘feature’ piece, but haven’t quite figured out a design yet, our experienced and friendly staff can help you navigate through this. With 50 years of experience, we can offer suggestions based on the style and layout of your home. We can also show you images of previous lounge designs we’ve created to help spark your inspiration. Designing a custom Lounge Suite is a fun process, so don’t feel rushed in your decision making.

custom fabric modular lounge made in Adelaide
So why not visit our large Adelaide Furniture Store? We have a large range of Lounges on display – from modern, to traditional styles. Browse designs, upholstery options and even explore different comfort levels. Conveniently located on Magill Road and offering plenty of rear car-parking to make your visit more accommodating. We look forward to seeing you in our Showroom.