A Glass Display Cabinet will add beauty and practicality to your home. As specialists in crafting cabinet furniture, we offer a range of designs and display variations for each customer to explore. At Nordic Design, our Display Cabinets are all locally hand crafted and customised to suit every client. And as local furniture makers for 50 years, we have plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to designing and crafting display furniture – so we can easily accommodate any home.

What is a Glass Display Cabinet Used for?

Do you have exposed wall area that’s lacking some depth? By adding a custom Display Cabinet, you can completely re-invent your space with a beautiful visual feature.

As the name suggests, a Display Cabinet is predominately used for ‘displaying’. Of course, there are always ways to incorporate practical function and storage to offer the most from your unit.

large glass display cabinets custom made in Adelaide
The best feature when it comes to a Nordic Design Display Cabinet, is the option of custom sizing. Because all of our furniture is individually hand crafted in our Adelaide factory, this means your Glass Display Cabinet or Wallunit can be ordered to specific dimensions so it perfectly fits into your home. Not only is this practical, but it means your Display Cabinet will truly look like it’s part of your home.

Whether you have quality crystalware or treasured trinkets, having a Glass Display Cabinet allows you to beautifully feature these items in your home, giving them the prominence they deserve. Your home should be a representation of your personality and serve as a reminder of past experiences and precious memories. With a Display Case, you can effortlessly showcase meaningful items – and it creates a beautiful talking point for guests when they visit.

Designing your Glass Display Cabinet

Each of our cabinets is carefully hand crafted using hardwood timbers. This means each of our cabinets is not only made to a high quality, but it also ensures each piece is unique in its appearance (which we think is quite special). Some of the timbers we offer include…

Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle, or American Oak.

quality hardwood timber selections
Of course, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones as well.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Display Cabinet without the addition of Glass Doors… The seamless window creates an elegant design feature against our natural timbers. This mix of modern and organic materials create a well balanced visual outcome. The inclusion of Glass Shelves also adds another layer of softness, by eliminating a feeling of ‘clutter’ through the Glass Doors and have your display pieces look as though they are floating…

glass display cabinets custom made to any size in solid timber
Display Cabinets in Adelaide with Custom Options

Once again, because all of our furniture is locally made in Adelaide, we are excited to offer many custom options to our customers. From custom sizing, to internal inclusions, there are many combinations to consider when designing your Glass Display Cabinet.

What room of the house will your Display Cabinet live? Is this intended to sit as part of a formal dining room, or will it be incorporated into your living space? It could even serve as a multi-use piece in a study space. There are no limits to where or how you use your Display Cabinet, but it will certainly impact the choices you make when customising your piece.

If you want it to be dining room focused, you may consider Glass Doors above, with timber doors below to hide adjustable shelving which can accommodate various serving items. Or if you require something larger, a unit to include drawers with cutlery divisions might be a consideration?

custom cutlery division in display cabinet drawers
When considering a unit to sit as part of your living space, you might want something a little smaller in scale? And if you aren’t in need of extra storage, perhaps full-length Glass Doors and Glass Shelves might look more visually desirable. For showcasing really special items, you could even consider adding internal lights for a true display unit.

custom display cabinets with glass doors and timber frames
Or if glass isn’t something you want, consider an open shelf unit (without doors). Allow your chosen timber to be the feature and house beautiful vases, books and pictures for a less formal display feature.

Will Glass Display Cabinets go Out of Style?

While it’s commonly assumed that Glass Display Cabinets are more traditional furniture pieces, this isn’t actually the case. Your design will dictate the ‘style’ of your cabinet. You may choose to have ornate corners and handle selections with a darker timber selection (for something more traditional). However, if you prefer a contemporary cabinet, you might like a slim border with tapered legs in a softer timber colour.

Once you determine the ‘style’ to suit your home, you can customise the functionality as well. You may want a full Display Cabinet, or one that incorporated hidden storage as well. This will help you determine where this piece will live in your home and how it will be used.

custom glass display variations made from hardwood timber
A convenient way to ensure longevity of your Display Cabinet is by allowing for multi-use features. This will offer versatility from room to room – making it easy to re-purpose your cabinet over many years. Whether you’re simply re-decorating and want to reconfigure the layout of your home, or if you completely move residence, a multi-use cabinet will offer the most possibility to fulfil any space. Another special feature to consider is a Mirror Back – creating an illusion of more space and giving your displayed items an extra ‘wow’ factor.

While it’s easy to explain the selections available to you, there’s nothing quite like seeing it up close. Our Adelaide Furniture Store is conveniently located on Magill Road and offers plenty of rear parking… Come in and see our beautiful products up close and talk with our friendly staff to learn what custom features we have on offer. We also have a digital photo library with thousands of images from previous clients (which is sure to spark your inspiration).

We look forward to crafting a Glass Display Cabinet to your personal requirements…