Where Can I Find the Best Furniture in Adelaide?

Discover the Best Furniture Adelaide Has to Offer

What does “best furniture” mean to you? Is it defined by design, functionality, or the quality of materials? In Adelaide we believe, the best furniture is found at Nordic Design. Our commitment to excellence, local craftsmanship, and custom designs has earned us a reputation for producing the finest furniture in Adelaide.


Experience and Passion in Every Piece

At Nordic Design Furniture, we have been handcrafting designer furniture for almost 50 years. Our extensive experience and passion ensure the highest quality in every piece we produce for our customers. Each piece of furniture is a testament to our dedication to quality and design. Our craftsmen combine traditional techniques with modern innovation, resulting in furniture that is both timeless and contemporary.


Proudly Local and Customisable

As local furniture makers in South Australia, we take immense pride in sourcing our materials predominantly from local suppliers and supporting local employment. This not only strengthens our community but also ensures that our furniture is made from the finest materials available. Being locally made also allows us to offer customisation options to meet your personal requirements. Whether you need a specific size, finish, or unique design feature, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.


For Every Room in the House

We specialise in a wide range of items, including Dining Suites, Lounge Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, and Cabinetry. This diverse selection allows you to furnish your entire home with complementary items made from the same selection of timber, creating a coherent and stylish look. Explore our furniture online to start visualising your options. Our online gallery showcases the variety and craftsmanship of our work, providing inspiration for your home.


Dining Furniture

We offer traditional dining table designs as well as contemporary square and round dining tables. Consider an extendable dining table suitable for all occasions, big and small. Our dining furniture is handcrafted from solid timbers and can be made to any size or shape you desire. In a world of mass-produced items, the option to create a unique piece of furniture is truly special. Our dining chairs are equally impressive. Each chair is individually handcrafted, ensuring the best in comfort and durability. This attention to detail means no inconsistencies in appearance or quality.

Imagine hosting a dinner party with a beautiful, handcrafted dining table as the centrepiece. Our tables are not just functional but also works of art that will impress your guests and stand the test of time.


Lounge Furniture

From lounge suites to modulars, armchairs, and sofa beds, we make it all! Our showroom displays a large variety of designs, and we often modify or completely customise sofas to suit our customers’ needs. From comfort levels to design finishes and additional features, all our lounges are made with your personal requirements in mind.

Every lounge serves a different purpose depending on its home. Whether in an open living room or a formal setting, your lounge suite should be crafted based on usability and lifestyle. Being locally made, we ensure your lounge is perfect for you. Our customisation options include selecting the perfect fabric, choosing the ideal cushion firmness, and incorporating unique design elements to match your décor.


Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home. The furniture here should be the best of the best, combining design and functionality. Determine the ambiance for this space and choose an aesthetic that reflects you. Make it practical by incorporating storage options.

Start with a design of your choice, either from our showroom displays or created from scratch alongside our skilled staff. Add a chest of drawers or bedside tables to match the theme, providing storage that fits your needs. We offer a wide range of selections and additional features for you to consider. Our bedroom furniture is designed to create a serene and stylish sanctuary where you can relax and rejuvenate.


Custom Cabinetry

Finding the perfect cabinetry can be tricky. Often, a design you like is either too big or too small, or the perfect storage solution doesn’t offer the ideal look. With locally crafted cabinetry, you can personalise your pieces to suit your home, ensuring they fit exactly as you imagine.

From large wall units to slim display cabinets, dining buffets, and custom TV entertainment units, we design and make everything in your choice of hardwood timber and specific dimensions. Using quality materials and crafting techniques, we ensure our designer furniture is unique for each customer. Each piece’s individual appearance, combined with exceptional quality and longevity, sets our furniture apart.

Custom cabinetry not only provides practical storage solutions but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you need a bespoke bookcase for your study or a custom-designed entertainment unit for your living room, our skilled craftsmen will create pieces that blend seamlessly with your existing décor while offering superior functionality.


Visit Our Showroom

When browsing for the best furniture in Adelaide, be sure to visit our large showroom. Explore a wide range of furniture and accessories, from traditional to modern styles. Experience the craftsmanship and quality materials up close, and talk to us about designing something custom for your home.

Discover why Nordic Design Furniture is the best furniture Adelaide has to offer. Visit us today and let us help you transform your home with beautiful, high-quality furniture that reflects your personal style and meets your practical needs. Whether you’re furnishing a new home, redecorating a room, or looking for that perfect piece to complete your space, Nordic Design Furniture is your destination for the best furniture in Adelaide.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring you find the perfect pieces for your home. We believe that furniture should be more than just functional; it should be an expression of your individuality and style. That’s why we offer a range of customisation options, allowing you to create furniture that is uniquely yours.

Experience the difference that locally crafted, high-quality furniture can make. Visit Nordic Design Furniture and discover the best furniture Adelaide has to offer. Your home deserves the best, and we’re here to help you achieve it.