Extendable Tables for Small Spaces

Extendable Dining Tables for small spaces

Have a Small Dining Space that needs some love and attention? It can seem difficult when choosing the right Dining Table for your space… But even more so when you don’t have much room to work with. That’s why we think the most effective solution is choosing a Small Extendable Dining Table – offering the best of both worlds. This means you can effortlessly accommodate more guests when needed with an enlarged table, but still keep your space feeling as spacious as possible with a small table for everyday use. Having the versatility of a small table for day-to-day use, but also being able to cater for more guests when special occasions arise is a win-win.

Small Solid Timber Extendable Dining Table
Yorke Extendable Dining Table

Nordic Design have been proudly crafting Custom Extendable Dining Tables for 50 years. In this time, we have evolved with crafting techniques and design trends, allowing us to offer our clients the best of the best. Our quality materials and years of experiences are what set our product apart from the rest. And we are so passionate about creating the best outcome for each client – as everyone’s wants and needs are so personal, each product should be crafted specifically to suit.

Whether you’re downsizing or want to incorporate some seating into your kitchen space, we think there’s always room to add a Dining Table… The reason we think so is because we custom make each Dining Table to customer requirements… So you can have any size or shape to best suit your space.

This means your small space won’t be compromised with a Large Table (most of the time), keeping your dining area feeling spacious and comfortable. And how often do you really need to seat more than 4 or 6 people at your Dining Table?… It’s certainly not a daily function, and that’s exactly why we build Custom Extendable Tables to support this theory.

What Type of Table is Best for Small Spaces?

Of course, a Round or Square Dining table will always be desirable for smaller spaces – purely from the symmetrical and compact nature of their design. Generally it helps make your space feel balanced and often these shapes are chosen in smaller sizes because they offer the most useable surface area – while taking up the smallest footprint. While we agree that a Round or Square Table is a great option, it’s also restricting for how many people can sit around it at any one time…

But did you know at Nordic Design Furniture, we can craft a Round or Square table with an Extension mechanism? For daily use, keep your Extendable Table closed (to represent a round or square shape), and when required easily open into an Oval or Rectangular Table to allow more seats. This option is a winner in our opinion because you get to experience the benefits of a big and small table, any time you like.

Start with a design and size that will comfortably sit in your designated space and help make your room feel larger than it is. Then, allow us to determine a suitable Extension size to open into.

How Do I Maximize a Small Dining Room?

Are you looking to downsize to a townhouse or unit? Trying to decide what furniture pieces are worth keeping and won’t add clutter to your smaller space? While using visual distractions such as a light colour palette or slim designs are an effective tactic, we think incorporating something practical is more worthwhile…

With a small space it can seem tricky choosing the right furniture without compromising on aesthetic, layout or practicality. When choosing custom furniture you can modify a design to the dimensions required so it successfully meets all your needs.

With most Dining Rooms, it’s assumed you won’t need it to function at its full capacity for every meal. By opting for a Small Extendable Dining Table, it allows you to use it at its smaller size for everyday meals and only enlarge it for Dinner Parties and entertaining bigger groups. And there is nothing more frustrating than having a Large Table taking up unnecessary space (every day) when you have a small area.

Of course, there is more to a Dining Room than your Table Set… Consider Smart Storage options incorporated into your Buffet or Wallunit. Get the most out of your area by including a corner Wallunit or Buffet with internal inclusions – think cutlery divisions, wine racks and even a mini wine fridge. And visually, the inclusion of glass doors and shelves will create an open feeling to make the room seem larger.

How Do I Choose the Right Dining Chair?

Having a Smaller House (or simply an area with limited space) means trying to incorporate smart storage and establishing a clever layout for your area. This can seem especially tricky for Dining Furniture… A Table Set should feel welcoming with enough negative space surrounding to offer comfortable movement.

While opting for a Dining Table that’s compact is the first idea to save space, your Dining Chairs should also be carefully considered. To contribute to the illusion of space, choosing low back Dining Chairs can make all the difference. This allows the eye to travel from one end of the room to another with no visual disruptions, and therefore suggests a larger area.

Another tip for maxing the amount of guests that can sit at any one time is to choose a Chair that’s narrower in width. While there doesn’t have to be a drastic difference, the small amount saved across 4 or 6 chairs is likely to be enough to fit 1-2 extra chairs to your Table Set. Our large Showroom has a large range of Dining Chairs displayed in different shapes, sizes and comfort options.

Should I Buy an Expandable Table?

The main benefit to an Expandable Dining Table is that it always allows your space to adapt. A Small Extendable Dining Table will offer you the most flexibility for your lifestyle. Choosing an Extendable Table is ideal for making the most of any space, as it transforms accordingly to your needs.

By deciding to have an Extendable Dining Table essentially means you have two tables in your space – a smaller one for every day and a larger one for special occasions. And you can never have too much option… Especially with growing families and ever-changing lifestyles, it’s so convenient to have a table that will easily adapt and evolve as your life and surroundings do.

If you’re still undecided on how to choose your Extendable Dining Table, simply visit our Adelaide Showroom. Conveniently located on Magill Road, with plenty of rear parking to offer a relaxed visit and carefully explore the range of options. Our experienced and friendly staff would love the opportunity to offer advice and help create an Extension Table that’s perfect for your home.