Home Office Furniture Options

When it comes to your home office, the storage is one of the most important components. It can feel like you’re forever rearranging cupboards and drawers just to squeeze in those extra bits and pieces. Of course, not only is your home office a place for storage – it’s a place to focus on work or study. That’s why Nordic Design believe custom office furniture is the perfect solution!

To start, why not consider your office set up and the things you need. Are you restricted for space? Is your study combined with an additional living space? Will this be a room for adults and kids? These are all the things to think of before brining your home office to life…


Home Office Storage Solutions

Firstly, why not consider your storage options? At Nordic Design Furniture, we understand it can feel like a never-ending task maintaining a home office that feels organized. Your existing cupboards never seem to have enough drawers or shelf space, do they? Especially if your home office is going to serve as a multi-purpose for everyone in the household! Nordic Design can help – with hundreds of personalized storage options, we can easily design and build something that’s exactly what you need.

custom desk and storage

Over the past 46 years, Nordic Design have personalized hundreds of home office solutions for many customers. We consider things like the space you have, the style of home and of course your lifestyle. All to ensure you’re provided with a storage solution that will add benefit to your routine (and home office) exactly how it should!


Custom Storage – Design & Function

Have a look at some examples of previous storage solutions here… All with function and durability in mind, these storage options have been customized to suit their new homes. With the option of additional shelves and hidden drawers, you can customize something to make working from home a little more comfortable…

custom storage furniture


Designing the Perfect Workplace…

Now that we’ve got the storage covered, why not consider a desk? You might like to gather some inspiration from a multi-functional office piece… All custom designed and locally handcrafted, these custom pieces are perfect for a home office! With storage options attached to your workspace, you’ll have everything easily accessible at all times.

custom home office furniture

While a desk can seem pretty “stock standard”, there’s more than meets the eye… Since we handcraft all of our products right here in Adelaide, we can make tweaks to existing designs or start from scratch. You might want to make the most of your space and consider a corner piece? Or something with attached drawers for added convenience?

corner desk desk options

And remember, your desk doesn’t have to lack in style. Let us craft something traditional to sit in your character home, or slim down the design for more contemporary rooms. Hide unwanted cords with considered design concepts that leave you with a sleek finish. And of course, choose from our range of hardwood timbers for gorgeous grain details and natural colours.


Still Needing More?

A personalized bookcase is also a handy unit to have in your home office. Books and journals that quickly build up and lose their place on your desk will have a place to sit. Having a bookcase that doubles as a display cabinet is also a practical concept. Especially if it’s sitting in a shared living/office space. Designed with glass doors and open shelves you can hold a range of books and display pieces in the same place. Another benefit of having a two-in-one piece like this means you can move it from different rooms of the house when re-decorating!

display & storage

Regardless of what you have in mind, Nordic Design Furniture can assist! Whether you’d like to match existing pieces or create something completely custom, our specialized craftspeople have the ability to transform your ideas into useable pieces.

Stop by our showroom (located in Stepney) where you’ll find displayed a wide variety of items! Alternatively, why not visit our customer selections photos on our website to give you some ideas…