The shape of Dining Table you choose will be determined by multiple factors… Not only will it strongly contribute to the overall aesthetic of your room, but it will also dictate how your table gets used… And we’ve been seeing more and more Square Dining Tables become the preference recently. So let’s look into them a little further…

Whether intended to be part of a formal Dining Room or amongst an open plan living space, you’ll want to consider your home and lifestyle carefully before committing to a specific shape and size of Dining Table. Luckily we can offer custom options to make this less restricting for our customers.

At Nordic Design Furniture, we’ve proudly been crafting Timber Dining Tables for 50 years. This has gifted us with plenty of experience when it comes to knowing what works (visually and also practically), so we can offer plenty of advice and different options to assist in your selections.

Why Choose a Square Dining Table?

Typically, Dining Tables are commonly chosen as a rectangular shape. However, we’ve noticed an increasing change in this trend… The choice of a Square Dining Table is now becoming more desirable for many people, and there are plenty of reasons why…

Unless you have a square shaped room, this particular shape may not be your first consideration… But we feel you shouldn’t be limited to this thinking. While of course the shape of your room (whether separate or as part of an open plan space) will strongly contribute to the shape of your Dining Table, it’s not the only thing to consider.

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The symmetrical design of a Square Dining Table offers the most comfortable balance for sharing food, drink and conversation. It’s also likely to be a more comfortable alternative as each guest tends to have extra space around them which eliminates a feeling of restriction when getting in and out of their chair. Plus, there is usually less intersection of leg space underneath the table, as there’s no need to share the table corner when seating.

And of course, having a Square shaped table means your space will feature as a beautiful design element, through the symmetrical shape and placement of accompanying chairs. And while the function is important, the visual component is also an important consideration.

What Size Should My Square Dining Table Be?

As we craft all of our Dining Tables to order, this means we can build a Square Table to your specific dimensions. There is no size better than another, so this choice is entirely yours. If your home is typically for entertaining, you might be conscious of requiring more space from time to time. This can still be possible if you’re wanting a Square Dining Table. Why not double up by choosing an Extendable Table?

Start with a Square Table to use for daily meals and gathering, with the option to extend into a rectangle top for more seating, to accommodate special occasions. Our experienced staff will happily assist you in determining a suitable extension size.

Choosing a Timber for my Square Dining Table

We are proud to use premium hardwood timbers to craft all of our Dining Tables. By using quality materials for all of our pieces it ensures they look and feel quality, but will also endure many years of enjoyed use.

And because each of our furniture pieces are made using natural timbers, each Dining Table will look completely unique, through the individual grain and colour variations with each selection. This means nobody will have a Dining Table that looks like yours… And we think that makes our Tables even more special.

Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones as well. So in other words, the colour options are endless and whatever you envision, we can make possible…

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Complete Your Square Dining Suite

In addition to your Square Dining Table, we offer a range of Dining Chairs to accompany. Offering both fully upholstered options, and timber options, we can certainly find a style of chair to suit your table.

And of course, our Dining Chairs are all locally crafted so this means they can be modified to your exact requirements. Customise the design and also the level of comfort to ensure your Dining Suite is just right.

Visit our large Showroom, located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking). In store, we have a wide variety if Dining Room Tables, in different shapes, sizes and timber selections. We’re also fortunate enough to have customer orders be delivered to our Showroom each week, which you can admire for further inspiration. Our friendly and experienced staff would love the opportunity to assist you with your new Dining Furniture.

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