With 50 years of crafting experience in Adelaide, Nordic Design can assist you in personalising a Lounge Suite to perfectly complement your living space. So, what are some things to consider when updating your Lounge Furniture? Let’s break it down into the key things to consider…

Firstly, whether you call it a Lounge SuiteSofaCouch or Modular, it really doesn’t matter. At Nordic Design we can customise all Lounge Furniture to fulfil your personal needs…



The first and most important thing to consider in a Custom Lounge is comfort. Your Lounge will be used daily but family, friends and sometimes pets – so you want to ensure it offers premium comfort that will endure many years of enjoyed use. And nothing says luxury quite like a Custom Sofa.

One of the main reasons to choose Custom Made Lounge Furniture, is that it allows you to choose custom comfort. Do you require higher back support or an added recliner? Perhaps you prefer a firmer seat foam or wider arm rests? Whatever specifications you desire, they can certainly be achieved by our local craftspeople.

By visiting our large Furniture Store, you can experience multiple lounge configurations to determine your preferred ‘lounge feeling’. Spend the time with our experienced and helpful staff to guide you towards the perfect combination of features that will establish your perfect custom lounge.

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Equally important is how your Lounge Furniture will look in your home. Is a modern or traditional style more to your liking? Do you require something larger or smaller for your living space? Whatever vision you have in mind, allow us to bring it to life for you. In addition to the shape and structure of the design, we also offer hundreds of quality fabric and leather options in a wide range of colours and textures. All of these factors will come together in achieving your dream lounge vision.

A big part of choosing your Lounge Design is deciding what size. How much space do you have in your area and how much seating would be ideal for your home and lifestyle? We can create a custom Modular Lounge to accommodate few or many. Alternatively, if you prefer seating that’s spaced out, you might consider a combination of individual Sofas – a 2 seater and 3 seater combination or a matching sized pair for symmetrical layout. Including an armchair or two is also a nice touch to offer flexible seating that can effortlessly be moved around your living space (and other rooms of the house if desired).

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While browsing our website can be a good place to start and gather your ideas and information, we suggest visiting our Furniture Showroom (if you’re in Adelaide and are able to). Our Showroom not only gives you an insight into the design and functional possibilities, but it also allows you to see and feel the quality of our items in person. As all of our furniture pieces are individually hand crafted in our local furniture factory, there’s something particularly special about seeing our pieces in person. In addition, our friendly (and very experienced) staff are around to answer any questions and help direct you towards your desired outcome. As part of this, we also have an interior stylist available to book a consult if you need some extra help when choosing those finishing touches.

To make a visit to our Showroom more enjoyable, we are pleased to offer a spacious area for you to browse at your leisure, with plenty of rear parking for added convenience.



While it seems obvious that choosing custom is always beneficial, let’s simplify some of the reasons in relation to Lounge Furniture specifically…

Obviously, when choosing a Custom Sofa, there is flexibility to modify the design to suit your personal style, colour palette, functionality and desired comfort.

Upon visiting our Showroom, we have a large range of Sofas, Modulars and Armchairs which are simply a starting point… While you can certainly order based off an existing design displayed in our Showroom, you can also completely customise too. Some of these ‘custom options’ include…

  • Changing the sofa layout and seating configuration
  • Changing the position of a chaise
  • Select your preferred materials (leather or fabric)
  • Specify your leg height / back height / seat depth / arm width (to list a few)
  • Consider included storage and shelving options

These are some of the more commonly explored custom options. However, if you have something in mind which is a little out of the ordinary, speak with us and we can work together to make it possible.

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We love seeing our customer’s reaction upon delivering their beautiful Lounge Furniture. There’s something particularly special about a Lounge Suite – it’s a place for spending quality time and sharing special moments with family and friends day upon day. So we think it’s only fitting to choose a Lounge that’s worthy of these moments.

We hope to see you in our Showroom soon, where we can bring your Custom Lounge Furniture to life…