Have you been considering a Custom Dining Table and Chairs for your home? You might find yourself wondering where to start when it comes to ‘custom’… As Local Furniture Makers for 50 years, we can talk you through all of the different options to consider when designing a Custom Dining Table. From recommended dimensions to pairing unique shapes and design styles, there is something suitable for every home.

What Makes A Dining Table Custom?

Each of our Custom Made Dining Tables is individually handcrafted (in Adelaide) from natural hardwood timbers, this means no two tables can ever look exactly alike. Of course, in addition to this distinction, there are a number of features that can form a custom table… The most obvious is the design. Whether you choose rectangle, round, oval or square to be the starting point, we can make modifications to add a uniqueness to the overall product. Perhaps you prefer a tapered finish with slightly rounded corners for a softer contemporary look? Or would you rather a feature base to create a real point of difference? We’ve noticed the popularity of a Round Dining Table is still quite strong. The soft lines and circular shape offer maximum dining space, while reducing the amount of floor area being consumed.

We commonly see or clients ‘mix and match’ different design elements to create a new outcome. By combining design features from multiple pieces and merging them together truly defines what custom is. Find your preferred table top and pair it with a base from a different table to enjoy an entirely new Dining Table design. Whether you’re trying to achieve a modern finish, or maintain traditional features. we can find the right balance and customise a design to fulfil your personal brief.


Your lifestyle will impact the decisions you make when choosing your Dining Furniture, but Nordic Design are sure to provide you with exactly the style you desire, while ensuring it functions to suit your needs. Specialising in Timber Dining Tables and Chairs means you can create dining room furniture that’s specifically for you. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with all kinds of unique furniture pieces (especially when it comes to Custom Dining Furniture).

Can Dining Chairs Be Made Custom?

Our range of Dining Chairs is something particularly special. Like our other dining pieces, all of our Dining Chairs are individually hand crafted from quality materials. Being hand made also means modifications can easily be made to suit your personal requirements. Offering both fabric and leather upholstery options, we can adjust the width or firmness of your seat cushions for personalised comfort. The back height of your chairs can also be adjusted to comfortably accomodate your level of support. Our showroom has a variety of upholstered chairs, timber chairs and even bench seats for you to see and feel before deciding what works best for you. And much like our Dining Tables, you can ‘mix and match’ design elements from different Dining Chairs to create a unique custom design. When it comes to comfort we know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we offer customisation.

Dining Chair Variations made in Adelaide
Consider Custom Sizing… That’s Adaptable

Nothing quite says ‘custom’ like an Extendable Dining Table… Offering a smaller and larger size for various occasions, an Extendable Table will always be welcomed (especially when it’s designed with your specific dimensions in mind). In particular, if you’re looking for a Custom Extension Table, be sure to visit our large Furniture Store in Adelaide to see a wide selection. Being local for added convenience, you can come in and speak to us any time. We have extensive knowledge in Extendable Dining Tables, plus we continually have customer pieces come through our showroom for you to browse and spark inspiration.

extendable dining table custom made in Adelaide
Enjoy the flexibility of changing your setting into an 8 Seater Dining Table, up to a 12 Seater Dining Table. Especially convenient for those with limited Dining space, we can accomodate your size requirements to ensure a comfortable Dining zone in your home. One thing to remember is that your Dining Room Furniture will be used daily for all kinds of purposes. Whether it be a place to share meals, complete homework or gather with family and friends – your furniture should be Custom Made to accomodate your personal lifestyle and fulfil every occasion. For Dining Tables and Dining Chairs that are one of a kind, Nordic Design has it all. Browse some of our existing styles, plus custom pieces that are often displayed in our showroom.

The Best Custom Feature Is Always Quality 

Not only do we specialise in Custom Made Dining Tables – and Dining Chairs – but we use only the best hardwood timbers. This is what makes our dining furniture stand out from the crowd. It’s made with quality products, by our quality craftspeople – right here in Adelaide, just down the road from our Showroom.

Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, the colour options are endless…

And if you require additional Dining Room items, consider having them made at the same time as your Dining Table and Chairs to ensure a matching timber finish. We also specialise in crafting Custom Buffets & Sideboards, Display Units and so much more… Allow us to craft something to your specific requirements for optimum display and storage, all in your chosen design and size.

quality hardwood timber selections
While we can tell you all about our Custom Made Dining Tables and Chairs, there’s nothing quite like the real thing… Phone us, or visit our Adelaide Furniture Store to see a large range of what we offer. Experience our quality first hand, and we can assist you in creating your Custom Dining Furniture…