For 50 years, Nordic Design Furniture have specialised in crafting Custom Made Furniture in Adelaide. With our large furniture factory here in South Australia, we individually hand craft each furniture item to customer requirements… With variations to design, size, timber & upholstery selection – offering a truly special product each and every time.

We are passionate about supporting local craftsmanship, especially when this means our customers can enjoy more options and the luxury of Custom Designs.

What Does ‘Custom Made’ Furniture Mean?

Custom Furniture can vary from a modified design, or creating a completely unique concept from scratch. As all of our furniture is hand crafted in our Adelaide Furniture Factory, using natural hardwood timbers, this means each piece feels truly ‘custom’ because it’s been specifically made for its new home. But there are many forms of Custom Furniture, which we talk about in more detail below…

Customise Existing Designs…

With so many designs available in our Furniture Range, customers will often request modifications to size or colour when placing an order. And while the ‘design’ may be from our existing product range, the modifications to size and colour will offer a completely new look – meaning a custom piece.

custom lounge furniture in Adelaide
Putting Pen to Paper…

In other circumstances, our customers might have a concept in their head for a unique design, which they simply can’t find exists anywhere else. This leads us to having detailed discussions and sketching out plans based on size requirements. Once we’ve established the dimensions to work with, the unique design can start to form. Once this has been established, the order process is exactly like any other. We discuss timber and colour selections and get ready to hand craft your special furniture piece.

custom made dining tables and chairs in Adelaide
Getting ‘The Look’…

Best of all, when choosing Custom, it opens up your design choices… We are very proud to offer hundreds of quality Fabric and Leather selections from reputable companies such as Warwick Fabrics, Zepel Fabrics and Tasman. This offers our customers endless selection in colour, texture and finish. Our huge range (which is available for browsing in our showroom), offers both contemporary and traditional options so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Our in-store designer can also offer knowledge on mixing colours and patterns if you’re hoping to incorporate some added personality into your furniture pieces. The beauty of choosing Custom Furniture is that it allows you to really expand your options and opt for something that’s totally unique.

Does ‘Custom Made’ Mean Higher Quality?

Our Custom Made Timber Furniture is crafted using traditional crafting techniques by our experienced manufacturers. This ensures a Premium outcome for any piece we craft for you.

At Nordic Design, we use natural hardwood timbers which offer a Quality finish to all of our Furniture items. Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, the colour options are endless…

quality hardwood timber selections

Because our definition of Custom Made is simply having your pieces individually hand crafted by us (to your personal specifications), this means your furniture has been carefully considered and constructed with exceptional attention to detail. As nothing is mass produced, every joint and finish is lovingly attended to, ensuring a Quality result.

Our manufacturers craft using hand selected materials which means only the best of the best is incorporated into your pieces of Custom Furniture.

At Nordic Design Furniture, we offer a vast variety of furniture products for you to consider… From Custom Dining Tables to Lounge Suites & Sofas, Bedroom Settings and Home Office Furniture. With 50 years of crafting experience, there isn’t much we haven’t done. Whether you start with an existing product design or want to give us a bespoke brief, each piece of furniture is Made to Measure based on your specifications.

Why Should I Choose Custom Made Furniture?

Your Furniture Selections should reflect your personality and lifestyle. This is why having Custom Made Furniture is so desirable. Everyone (and every home) will have specific wants and needs, so being able to have Custom Designer Furniture that’s based on your size and aesthetic preferences is always welcomed. Not only can you have your piece Made to Measure, but you can also choose special inclusions to fulfil storage and functionality. Some custom features we’ve incorporated into customer pieces have included…

  • Wine Rack Storage for clever storage
  • Various Cutlery Divisions for organisation
  • Bar Fridge Enclosure for convenient entertaining
  • Cable Holes for discreet wires
  • Skirting Cut-Outs for wall pieces
  • Internal Lighting for display items
  • Multi Purpose office and display setup

But this is only a small percentage of your options… Speak with us about your vision and we can assist you in creating a successful piece of furniture. And being involved in the design process of your furniture offers a sense of pride and ownership, making it feel especially your own.

custom wine storage for entertaining made in Adelaide
custom made multi purpose home office system
Whether you’re furnishing your first home, remodelling an existing space, choosing Custom Timber Furniture over mass produced items will offer a level of comfort like no other and make your house feel like a home.

Consider Custom Comfort…

While ‘Custom Furniture’ usually implies size and colour variations, it also offers custom comfort. Across our Dining Chairs and Lounge pieces, you can determine the level of firmness and type of seating support you prefer. Allow us to explore the type of cushion support and other variations such as back height, arm rests and even added neck provisions.

With a range of different items on display in our Showroom, have a feel for the choices in person and speak with us about what works for you.

Take a Look at Custom Quality up Close…

Visit our Adelaide Furniture Store and experience the standard of quality we offer across all of our furniture products… We are conveniently located on Magill Road and offer plenty of rear parking.

And as mentioned above, if you can’t see what you want, don’t hesitate to speak with our friendly staff to establish a design for your furniture you envision. Our experienced design team can assist you in creating a truly original Custom piece, or we may simply modify an existing design that fulfils your needs. Discuss your choices of size, upholstery, timber, style and function.

custom bedroom furniture made in Adelaide with quality materials
We have a range of products on display in our large showroom, but also have a digital photo library with thousands of previous Custom Furniture pieces we’ve crafted for customers over our 50 years of business. We’d love the opportunity to assist you with your Custom Furniture requirements and hope to see you in store soon…