An under-appreciated furniture piece is the Hall Table. This modest furniture piece can offer plenty of versatility to your space… Typically, Hall Tables are assumed to be ‘small’ – but this shouldn’t suggest limitations.  At Nordic Design, we have been locally hand crafting beautiful Hall Tables for 50 years, and we’ve seen some very special designs over this time (both small and large).

And whether you decide your Hallway Table will serve as a decorative piece, or function as a useful item, we can adapt it to your specific requirements.

Now, remember the term ‘Hall Table’ doesn’t limit you to a hallway… These tables can serve as Sofa Tables by sitting as part of your living space. Or make them a Console Table to offer serving and display space in your Dining Room. There are so many ways to maximize your use for these diverse tables…

Perfect for storing Essential Items that are used daily – whether as an entry piece or incorporated into your Living Room. It’s always worthwhile investing in a Quality Hall Table because it’s a piece that offers so much versatility. The non-intrusive nature from these pieces of furniture mean they can easily be moved from room to room and offer practicality in a variety of settings.

Whether Custom Made or chosen from a standard design and size, we craft each Hallway Table using premium crafting techniques and quality materials. This ensures each Hall Table is beautifully finished, no matter where it lives.

A Hallway Table With Drawers means having an organised space – and who doesn’t want extra storage? While the ‘minimalist’ look is on-trend at the moment, having extra storage wherever you can is always a bonus and will effortlessly maintain that ‘minimalist’ look throughout your home.

timber hallway table with drawers made to order in Adelaide

Having Console and Hallway Tables incorporated throughout a home offers a welcoming lived-in quality to your space and allows your personal style to be presented to visitors.


One of the most common places for Hall Tables to sit is in your entry space. This becomes a convenient place to store your keys and wallet for daily access. It’s also a lovely place to house a lamp for returning home at night, or simply creating a relaxed mood. It also allows opportunity to display treasured photos or sentimental items which you’ll be greeted with every morning and night.

While being a useful day to day furniture item, it also creates a welcoming first impression for when guests enter your home.


Ideal for an open plan Living Room, why not incorporate a Sofa Table to sit neatly behind your lounge? It can display decorative items and add some dimension to your space. Whether it be family photos, mood lamps or decorative vases, this will add some height and warmth to your space, making it feel very cosy. It can also be handy for holding your coffee cup or a bowl of popcorn when watching a movie.

And if you choose to add a Sofa Table as part of your living space, we can easily design a Coffee Table in the same design and timber selection for a matching set.

sofa table and console table in living room setting


What will probably be the most commonplace for your Hall Table is in the Hallway… Which makes sense when you think of the name. The inclusion of a Narrow Hall Table in your space can add a subtle layer of depth (particularly if you have a long corridor with an unoccupied wall).

Adding a Slim Hallway Table will not only create some visual interest, but it can become a feature point to hang artwork or keep essential items in a general area of the house for convenient access – almost making it feel like another room of your house, rather than simply a ‘walkway’. And once embellished with plants or décor items, this Hallway Table will serve as a beautiful passage feature.


If you’re choosing to incorporate a Console Table into your Dining area, we can especially design it so that it sits harmoniously with your other Pieces of Furniture… For a well balanced and considered design, have your Dining Table and Console Table made to the same design, using the same timber selection.

timber hall table and timber dining table in matching design made in to order
No matter if you’re wanting something  for a formal Dining Room or as part of an open meals and living space – there’s something suitable for all needs.

If you’re wanting something less traditional and more seamless, why not contemplate a Glass Console Table? Having a glass top will create a modern look and leave your area looking more open. Because all of our Hallway Tables are Made to Order, there are no limitations to what you envision for your home.


When it comes to designing your Hall Table, we offer so many options for you to consider… But first of all, you need to determine what size your Hall Table is going to be, as this will determine many other factors of your design. As we locally craft all of our Furniture here in Adelaide, you can be as specific as necessary when requesting dimensions. And because every home and living space is so different, we think it’s important to have furniture which feels like it’s been made specifically for it’s home…

If you have a space that feels more contemporary, something with slim lines and tapered features might be a nice choice. Generally smaller spaces lend themselves to a Small Hall Table with slim design lines, as they are discreet and don’t feel as prominent.

Alternatively, if you have a larger space you may prefer something that’s more traditional and dominant, so a bigger design with thicker features could be more suitable. Your choice of Timber will also play a significant role in the outcome of your design. Timbers that are richer in colour and grain variation tend to feel more traditional and add warmth.

big or small hall tables locally made in Adelaide
Once the more ‘obvious’ design choices have been made, you can incorporate functionality. Would you prefer drawers or shelves for storing items? Or a combination of the two? There’s even opportunity to creative custom divisions within your drawers for structured organisation. Simply talk us through your wants and needs and we’ll assist in creating the perfect outcome.

As proud Furniture Makers in Adelaide for 50 years, we are excited to work with you in crafting Made to Order furniture for your home. From Hall Tables, to other pieces, we can craft a range of beautiful items to suit you.

Visit our large Adelaide Furniture Store, located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking available). See displayed Hall Tables and also view our digital photo library to see previous designs we’ve made for other clients…