custom timber bookcase for home office storage made in Adelaide

When it comes to incorporating storage cabinets into your home there are multiple layers to consider… In an ever growing household, it can feel like you’re constantly rearranging cupboards and drawers just to squeeze in those extra bits and pieces that accumulate over time. You may have a spare room that’s piled up with keepsakes and old unused items which can seem a little scary to tackle – of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Nordic Design Furniture, we’ve been hand crafting custom storage solutions for almost 50 years. We have a vast range of experience when it comes to cabinets of all sorts – suitable for your living space, home office or any room in need.

Cabinets designed with custom storage

Searching for Cabinets can seem a little complicated – with so many variations available, it can seem confusing when deciding what will work best for you. Maintaining a tidy home (or office) can feel like a never-ending task because your cupboards never seem to have enough drawers or shelf space… Especially with expanding families, the house can fill up very quickly! Nordic Design can help with hundreds of personalised storage options available, we can certainly design something that’s specifically for you…

Consider your living space…

Depending on what area you want to tackle will dictate the type of storage that’s most suited for you. Is it your living room that’s running out of space? Perhaps you have treasured items lying around with no home? Or small appliances and gadgets sitting on the coffee table with no purpose? If this is the case, why not contemplate a multi-purpose entertainment unit… A cabinet to accompany your television, plus additional drawers, doors or shelves for other items that need a place to live.

timber tv entertainment unit with doors and internal shelves

Our TV Cabinets are crafted from natural hardwood timber and can be made to any size. Being local furniture manufacturers means there are plenty of custom options when ordering your cabinetry. Incorporate adjustable shelves and deep drawers into your Entertainment Unit to offer the most versatility in your storage options. In addition, why not consider having a matching Coffee Table with discreet drawers and a shelf to provide another layer of easy-access storage for daily use items?

Of course, if you want to incorporate storage that also serves as a display feature, you could consider an open shelving unit or wall shelves to house special display pieces?

While it’s often assumed that storage cabinets can be quite “bulky” this doesn’t have to be the case. Allow us to customise a design with slim lines and tapered finishes for a well considered look to complement your home. We firstly consider your lifestyle and the available space you have, while keeping your style in mind, all to ensure you’re provided with a storage solution that will comfortably fulfil your needs.

Take a look at an example of some custom cabinets we’ve hand crafted for previous clients… Made from quality hardwood timber, they will certainly stand the test of time. Plus, the option to choose how many drawers, doors or shelves you require is a huge bonus.

custom storage cabinet made from hardwood timber

And don’t forget, there’s more than meets the eye… For example, most of your existing cabinets probably sit at eye level. Why not look up a few inches further and consider some extra shelves or drawers to store those items you don’t access on a daily basis? Having a beautiful hardwood timber cabinet means you can store any number of things to keep your house looking organised and tidy and the beautiful exterior of natural timber creates a stunning design feature for your home. 

Storage Cabinets in your home office…

As we know, working from home is now far more common and requires convenience. Creating a successful Home Office environment means a comfortable Desk to offer adequate workspace, accompanied with plenty of storage to maintain organisation.

We specialise in crafting beautiful and functional Desks, with size and timber selection determined by you. Discuss your requirements and allow us to customise a desk that fulfils your needs and provides a useable space for you to work. We can also incorporate storage features for quick and easy accessibility.

In addition to a functional desk, you may require other items such as bookcases, storage units and a filing cabinet. With items like this, we can specially make them to your required size and include as many additional features as you desire. Have adjustable shelves, internal drawer divisions and cable holes to maintain a tidy home office.

We can even build a multi-functional unit to offer desk and storage in one piece. See a recent example of this below…

home office storage furniture with desk and bookcase

The addition of a personalised bookcase can prove to be a handy storage item in your office. Books and journals can quickly build up and lose their place on your desk. With a dedicated bookcase, you’re guaranteed to have all your books stored together (in order) so you’re not spending time searching for them amongst other things…

Having a Bookcase that doubles as a display cabinet is also a practical concept. Designed with glass doors and open shelves you can hold a range of books while also displaying treasured items in the same place. Another benefit of having a two-in-one piece like this means you can move it from different rooms of the house when re-decorating!

Smaller storage items…

You might have smaller nooks throughout the house that need a purpose. Why not consider occasional items such as Hall Tables or Display Shelves for additional items? We can personalise a storage cabinet to purposefully complement any space in your home – simply talk to us about your requirements and we can work with you to achieve a suitable outcome.

Regardless of the vision you have, Nordic Design Furniture will ensure it’s brought to life. Whether you’d like to match existing pieces or create a setting that’s completely new and unique, our specialised craftspeople have the ability to transform your ideas into useable pieces.

Stop by our Adelaide Showroom where you’ll find displayed a wide variety of items. You can also talk to us about your next furniture selections. In the meantime, why not browse our website to give you some ideas? Explore the timber variations and popular design styles to gather some inspiration…