The shape of dining table you choose will be determined by multiple factors… Not only will it strongly contribute to the aesthetic of your room, but it will also dictate how you use the table…

Whether part of a formal dining room or sitting in an open living space, you’ll want to consider your home and lifestyle carefully before committing to a specific shape and size of dining table.

At Nordic Design Furniture, we have been crafting timber dining tables for almost 50 years. This has left us with plenty of experience when it comes to knowing what works, so we can offer plenty of advice and different options if required.

So, how do you choose what shape of dining table is best for your home? Let’s take a look at some of the options for you to consider…


Probably the most common shape of dining table is rectangle. This shape is (usually) most desired for it’s large surface area and is ideal for a formal dining room. And because most dining rooms are rectangular, this particular style lends itself perfectly. For entertaining on weekends, or gathering for special occasions, this table shape can work quite successfully when sharing food and drink for many people.

This linear shape also allows seating flexibility. If having dining chairs seems a little ‘cluttered’ for your space, the substitution of bench seats can be very practical. These can neatly tuck underneath your table when not in use to maintain a minimal aesthetic, but will also create an inviting atmosphere when gathering family and friends.

Large timber rectangular dining tablemodern dining table with rectangle top


Unless you have a square shaped room, this particular style may not be your first consideration… But you shouldn’t be restricted to this thinking. While of course the shape of your room (whether separate or as part of an open plan space) will strongly contribute to the shape of your dining table, it’s not the only thing to consider.

The symmetrical design of a square dining table offers comfortable balance for sharing food, drink and conversation. It’s also quite a comfortable alternative as each guest tends to have more space around them which offers better movement and eliminates a feeling of restriction when getting in and out of their chair.

And of course, having a square shaped table means your space will feature a beautiful design element, through the symmetrical shape and placement of accompanying chairs.

Square dining table made in Adelaide


Round dining tables, (while similar to a square shape due to the symmetrical design), offer a comfortable dining experience. By having no sharp corners, you can easily fit additional seats with comfort and your table won’t take up additional space in your dining area. The smooth rounded finish is also creates a softer look and creates a contemporary finish.

A round dining table is ideal for open plan living. Because of the continuous table top with no defined corners, it sits harmoniously amongst other furniture pieces such as your lounge suite, display units and console tables. It’s also practical when used for daily activities such as homework or reading a paper – as any seat you take will offer you the same amount of space, feeling extremely luxurious. This also means each person has exactly the same dining experience no matter where they are seated.

round timber dining tables made in Adelaide


A style considered less modern is the Oval Dining Table. While this is a traditional shape which offers a lot of practical benefits, we can make this to any size to perfectly suit your home.

Much like a rectangle table, an oval shape is well suited to a formal dining room. Generally these tables are longer and having a defined ‘head’ and ‘end’ assumes formal dining. One of the main benefits of choosing an oval dining table for your space is the rounded ends. These remove the sharp corners and create a more spacious feeling (which is especially desirable if you have a tight dining room). It’s also more comfortable when squeezing in an extra quest or two, so nobody is stuck in a corner position with limited table space.


Of course, with any shape you prefer there is always the option to have an extendable dining table. Offering unlimited flexibility for any occasion means you can always feel prepared when entertaining. Something smaller for daily use can easily expand when extra guests are around to create a spacious dining area.

As specialists in crafting extension tables, we can determine the right proportions for your area and adjust the design to achieve your vision. Our large showroom has a range of extension options for you to explore.

Extension dining table locally made from solid mountain ash timber with pedestal base and rounded corners

In conjunction to your table shape, you need to consider what size is suitable… If part of a separate dining room, you’ll need to consider table-to-wall clearance. You’ll want to leave enough space for diners to comfortably get in and out of their seats, with no surrounding interference. Of course, if you have additional furniture pieces such as a buffet or wallunit, the same rule applies. And if you aren’t sure what a comfortable distance is, we can happily assist you in working this out.

When choosing the right dining table for your home, remember to consider the rest of your house and your living and entertaining style. Consider the benefits of each table shape and decide what will add the most value to your dining space. As a central part of the home, it’s important to have a dining table that will fit into your home effortlessly, offering many years of enjoyed use.

Visit our spacious showroom to see a range of dining table shapes, colours and sizes in person. While you’re here, you can also speak with our friendly and experienced staff to help you make a decision on which table shape is best for you.