full base comfortable sofa with slim arms and high back upholstered in blue fabric

At Nordic Design, we’ve proudly been crafting Sofas, Couches and Lounge Suites in Adelaide for almost 50 years. With Lounge Furniture being such a significant addition to our homes, we understand the importance of comfort, quality and aesthetics for these items.

Using quality materials and crafting techniques ensures our Lounge Suites are suitable for daily use and will maintain their level of comfort and support for many years.

leather and fabric lounge suites and arm chairs


Couches, Sofas, Lounges – no matter how you refer to them, they serve the same purpose – a comfortable place to unwind after a busy day or a communal spot to gather with family and friends. With that being said, there are a few things to consider when choosing your perfect Sofa…



Most importantly, think of the space you have. What seating configuration will work best for your home – how many people does it need to seat? Plus how big (or small) is your living space?

While we offer both Fabric and Leather Lounges in a range of standard sizes, there is no need to feel restricted.

soft fabric sofa with firm angled arms and exposed timber legs

Ranging from 2 – 2.5 seaters / 3 – 3.5 seaters / 4 – 4.5 seaters / modular lounges and single Arm Chairs. While one (or multiples) of these might be suitable to make up your Lounge Suite, you can customize any of our existing designs to whatever size required.

3 seater fabric sofa with button detail and timber legs fabric arm chair with exposed blackwood timber base and button cushion detail

If you’re looking for Adelaide Made Lounges, our Showroom offers a range of designs, sizes and custom options for you to explore. Because we locally craft all of our Lounge Furniture in our Adelaide Furniture Factory, you can design a lounge perfectly suited to your home.

4 seater leather lounge with chaise and low back cushions on rounded timber legs


While size will play a significant part in your choice of Lounge Furniture, the level of comfort is equally important. Take your time to determine the level of firmness / softness for your seat, plus the height of your support cushions.

You may want to include a head roll for added neck support? Or for ultimate comfort, why not consider our Modular Lounges with Recliners? With so many custom options to include, you can personalize any style of Sofa to suit your home and lifestyle.

An individual Recliner Chair offers the ultimate in personal comfort. An individual seat designed and crafted to suit your personal needs where you can indulge in complete comfort.



What makes a Lounge Suite… a Suite? How many pieces are needed to define a Lounge Suite? What sizes should they be? And how should they sit together visually?

tan leather sofa made in Adelaide with exposed timber legs and slim arms leather arm chair with thin arm rests and low back cushion with timber legs

There is really no rule when it comes to Lounge Suites. Whether you prefer a 2 seater Couch with a matching Arm Chair, or have space for a symmetrical layout of two 3 seaters with statement Arm Chairs. Or you could have a Modular Sofa as your main lounge with a Recliner Chair to accompany. There are so many options, and absolutely no limitations when it comes to your personal Lounge Suite.

black leather recliner chair with head roll and arm rests red leather arm chair with electric cordless recliner contemporary recliner chair with neutral leather and head roll

Choose your preference of a Fabric or Leather Lounge Suite. Or why not incorporate both? The mixture of upholstery finishes can add warmth and visual interest to your lounge room. Plus, with so many options available it may be too difficult to narrow down only one option.

Obviously space will be a significant factor in what pieces you choose, which is why we offer personal modifications to suit. A narrower arm could help save space if you’re restricted. Or if you want to create the illusion of more floor space, opting for a timber leg is a clever solution. A low back feature will also create a sense of more space. Of course, if space isn’t an issue, there are Modular Sofas and large full base Lounges available, offering optimum comfort. Before deciding what size and style works best for you, reflect on your lifestyle and design of home.

modular sofa upholstered in leather with wide cushions and timber arm features
comfortable fabric modular sofa with arm support and individual seat cushions


Being locally made, means you have unlimited options for your design. From style and shape to colour and upholstery. In our Showroom, we offer hundreds of fabric and leather selections for you to browse and consider.

Offering traditional and contemporary styles, with the flexibility to make adjustments to suit your space. Elongated cushions offer an elegant feeling, while slim arms and rounded timber legs assume modern design. Or have oversized cushions with additional padding for a traditional feeling of comfort. No matter what your Sofa preference, we can accommodate your requirements.

modern black leather lounge with chrome leg feature and angled arms modern leather modular sofa with chrome legs and angled arm feature

And incase you aren’t sure what design you like best, we have a digital photo library with hundreds upon hundreds of previous customer items for you to explore and gather ideas from – see different shapes, sizes, upholstery and custom features.



Explore Couches, Lounge Suites, Armchairs & Modular Sofas all made in Adelaide.

Our large, local Showroom offers a variety of Lounge Furniture for you to explore. Feel the quality and comfort up close and talk to our experienced staff about Custom Made Sofa options. Open 7 days, with plenty of rear parking for added convenience, means you to visit us any time. We look forward to building your dream Lounge Suite.