Are you ready to downsize your home? Are the children starting to move out? Or perhaps you simply want less maintenance and easy living?

Downsizing your home (for any reason) brings a lot of things to consider… Especially moving from a large home with regular upkeep – it might seem a little unfamiliar and quite daunting. However, it’s also an opportunity to personalize your living space with furniture and items that are more meaningful – which will actually make downsizing enjoyable!

One of the biggest concerns when leaving your home is the existing furniture you have. Trying to plan where and how it will fit into your new (smaller) space can seem a real challenge. Additionally, the purchase of new furniture items can be just as frustrating when you’re restricted for size. This is why custom furniture pieces can eliminate a lot of the worry…

Do you have a particularly narrow corridor? Perhaps a joint meals and living space that’s a bit tight? It’s important to add furniture items that complement your space and assist with the functionality of your home. Extendable dining tables and sofa beds can be great space savers that also double up as two-in-one items when required for special occasions. Of course, choosing “small” furniture doesn’t mean you’re left with no more storage… It’s about how you make it useable. Whether you need buffet furniture or a display cabinet, these can be made to function at any size (comfortably) and complement your home.

Not sure where to start? As experienced furniture makers in Adelaide, we have some helpful ideas that might spark your inspiration…



When downsizing to an apartment or unit it can be difficult to avoid clutter, as you suddenly have less space for larger storage cabinets. This means finding smart ways to add storage that will suit a smaller space. For example, you might consider drawers or a shelf for your coffee table. While only a small compartment, this will hide everyday items like remote controls, books and other small gadgets. Keeping the surface of your table clear means you won’t feel as cluttered. In addition, a console table can also assist in storage smaller items with discreet drawers and custom compartments.

Display cabinets can also be an excellent option. While the assumption that these are typically ‘large’ may be off-putting at first, this doesn’t have to be the case… Think upwards, not outwards. By using wall space rather than floor space, means you’re not compromising the space of your living area. And for items you don’t want to use very often (but are still sentimental), it’s a great idea to keep these at the top of your display cabinet for occasional use. The addition of glass doors also allows light and transparency in your room. This automatically creates a feeling of open space, but won’t restrict your storage.

Adding custom buffet furniture or a small entertainment unit can also serve as a practical storage option. Once again, custom means you can determine any length, width or depth that is most suitable for your space. You can also add internal drawers with special compartments to make putting things away easier and more organized so that your cabinets don’t start feeling too full. Things like adjustable shelving and cutlery dividers can all be incorporated – simply ask us.



While storage is probably the first thing you want to check off your list, you don’t want to forget to add some warmth and personality back into your home. One of the most important areas in your home (no matter what size) is your living room. It’s typically the central gathering place and it also assists in making your home feel more personal. Just because you might be restricted by space, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort or design…

Firstly, consider how much room you have to work with. Perhaps an all-in-one modular is too large… Or is it? At Nordic Design you can create any modular configuration to suit your space. Perhaps a 2 or 3 seater lounge with detachable ottoman would be suitable? Having pieces that are multi-functional are a fantastic idea for preserving space and doubling up your furniture items. We think this is a great concept to keep in mind when downsizing.

If you decide you prefer something simpler why not choose a sofa on a leg with slim arms? This will appear less bulky and being on a leg will create the illusion of more space as well, allowing light to travel underneath. This is also more practical for cleaning which is an added bonus!

Of course, any lounge design you choose can be upholstered in whatever fabric or leather you like. No matter what upholstery type you decide, something light in colour will create a feeling of brightness and openness. Bringing more focus to your sofa, but not making it feel as though it takes up too much room in your living area.

Something you might like to sit alongside your lounge piece is a console table. Typically, these tables are made to be fairly narrow and incorporate storage of some kind. You can neatly position this behind your lounge to cover the exposed back and have practical items in a convenient place for regular access. What is also handy with furniture pieces like this, is how versatile they are. You can effortlessly move this to an entrance so it serves aesthetically as a hallway table, or add it to your bedroom or study to offer additional surface area for display items.

hallway tables made from solid timber here in Adelaide

We also customize armchairs with many variations – recliner, swivel & leg options can all be considered. And having these smaller occasional items means you can introduce a pattern or pop of colour to add some personality to your new home. And the smaller size allows you to move your chair to any area of the house, which will make redecorating much easier!


The most important decision you’ll make when sourcing new furniture for your home is choosing quality. It’s likely that when you decide to downsize, you’ll probably want to make this your last move, so you want the furniture you choose to go the distance.

Nordic Design use only the best quality materials and we locally handcraft all of our timber furniture. This means you’re investing in items that are built to the highest standard and will last a lifetime. Downsizing doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality… In fact it’s quite the opposite.

Our website showcases a large range of product designs and custom options available… But this is just the start. Visit our showroom, conveniently located on Magill Road, and speak with one of our experienced staff members today. We would love to discuss your requirements and help create custom furniture for your new home.