Custom Bedroom Furniture

The number one thing to remember when styling your bedroom is that it should be a reflection of you. There’s nothing in your home that will be quite as personal as your bed. It’s the place where you start and finish your day, so it’s important to find something that suits your style and needs. That’s why having designer bedroom furniture, personalized to your requirements should always be an option! Visit our Customer Selections to see what we mean…


Choosing an upholstered headboard…

Why not consider an upholstered bed? They create a sense of luxury and also provide ultimate comfort. And there’s no reason to settle for furniture that lacks in the level of style and comfort you desire. And at Nordic Design Furniture your possibilities are endless…

A key thing to consider is your lifestyle… And particularly your sleeping habits. Perhaps you like to read or watch television in the comfort of your bed? This makes an upholstered headboard the perfect choice. Designed to provide cushioned support for your neck and shoulders while oozing coziness.

bedroom upholstered comfort


A bedroom designed for you…

Often, bedroom furniture is perceived as limiting. You start with a timber frame and add colour and feeling through your choices of linen and accessories… This is not the case with our bedroom furniture – and particularly an upholstered bed. As quality furniture manufacturers for over 46 years, we’re very passionate about providing our customers with unique bedroom furniture. Through the use of Australian hardwood timbers, there is a sense of warmth and quality for your base. We can then introduce elements of upholstery to soften your look… See some examples of upholstered beds here.

upholstered headboard

upholstered bed headboard

Firstly, as everything is locally handcrafted, you’ll notice we pay the finest attention to detail. Hand selecting your timber selections to ensure an even tone and the finest detail in each grain. Then, why not introduce some quality fabrics (or leather)? Working with reputable fabric houses like Warwick Fabrics Australia and Zepel Fabrics, you’re ensured endless options and the best in quality. By incorporating some upholstery into your bed frame you’re creating a level of luxury and adding some personality to your bedroom. And ultimately you’re left with a bed that is unique to you.

upholstered bed variations


Don’t be scared to think big!

When selecting bedroom furniture (particularly your bed frame) you should have fun during the process! And that’s why we love upholstered headboards! Your bed is the one piece of furniture that will be completely yours. Setting the mood for your bedroom, entirely separate from the rest of the house. This is why your bed should become an extension of who you are. Becoming more than just a place for sleep, it’s a place for you to relax, get away or simply chill out – so why not customise it just for you?

leather bed headboard

As we handcraft each bed in our Adelaide factory, it all starts with the design you choose. In our showroom, we have a variety of contemporary and traditional pieces for you to browse. Plus, you can view our customer variations that come through each week – it can be a great inspiration! With various design styles seen here, we can combine different textiles to make your bed extra special, no matter what design you choose.

When you have the flexibility to choose your design specifications, colours and materials, you’re guaranteed to go home with your dream bed. Discuss your desires with us and we can customise a bed that’s unique to you. But in the meantime, visit our customer selections to see some variations our previous clients have invented…

We look forward to seeing you in our showroom…