How to Make Timber a Feature

Looking to update your living space? When it comes to setting the theme for your home, there are various things to consider – especially when trying to add contemporary elements into the mix. While you’ll consider various furniture pieces, your cabinetry is likely to be one of the most significant elements. As Nordic Design Furniture are specialists in crafting hardwood timber furniture, we can incorporate any style you desire – whether it be modern, traditional, or a combination…


Modern meets classic… The perfect balance

With whites and blacks being on-trend at the moment (and any time, due to the classic monochrome style), we enjoy experimenting with different design variations. While obviously, the design component is key, we never lose sight of the most important thing – being quality. In a world of mass produced products, we understand how special it is to maintain natural, unique items with quality in mind. With this being said, we’ve been able to incorporate natural and modern elements to bring some stunning pieces to life… So why not take a look?

hardwood timber furniture with white and black finishes

The furnishings you select will make all the difference in creating the ambience for your home. The main design ingredient of contemporary living is keeping things fresh and minimalistic (which is why whites and blacks have become so popular). Of course, you don’t want to eliminate the warmth from your home entirely… So your furniture selections give you the opportunity to add some depth and warmth back into your space, by incorporating natural hardwood timbers.


The importance of natural timbers

At Nordic Design Furniture, we appreciate the beauty of natural hardwoods and are proud to showcase the quality of the hand selected timbers we use. With unique details in every grain and natural earthy colours, each item becomes entirely unique. This is one of the reasons we try not to completely remove the presence of timber from our furniture pieces. Of course, while the choice of using hardwood timbers looks simply beautiful, it also ensures a quality product that will last for many years due to the sturdy framework. Wooden furniture is less likely to date over time, simply because it’s a natural product. It will age well through different design trends and the organic finish usually complements other colours and textures paired with it.

We’ve had some stunning cabinetry combinations enter our showroom recently and we simply can’t get enough! Take a look at this custom entertainment unit for example – low to the ground with slim lines, while grand in length. The addition of a white frontage to this blackwood piece introduces a contemporary presence and actually highlights the timber selection. With this combination, a custom entertainment unit such as this one can be seen in a number of settings, while being equally striking every time. If you’re considering a new tv cabinet for your living room, why not customise a similar design for your home?

custom entertainment unit with modern white drawers and blackwood timber border

modern entertainment unit with custom chrome legs and white drawers with timber frame

Custom designs such as this can serve multiple purposes. Firstly, if you have a modern home with flush cupboards and high gloss finishes, you might like to introduce a piece like this that can add some depth and interest to your living room. The combination of timber and crisp white creates the perfect balance between modern and classic design styles. By opting for a combination piece like this, also allows more flexibility when updating your style through redecorating or moving home, offering more ways to use it!

Alternatively, you may have a house that’s overwhelmed with existing timber pieces and is starting to feel a little “heavy” or “outdated”, replacing one or two items with pieces like this can help to brighten your home and give it a modern upgrade – without completely eliminating your timber features. Plus with the natural grains from the timber, you won’t completely lose that traditional feeling in the process.


Work with your style of home first…

Whist having “all white” finishes can feel clean and fresh, it can also become very stagnant, especially with nothing different throughout to break things up. By incorporating some hardwood timbers, you’ll create natural warmth… Inviting rich organic tones to beautifully liven up your space. The unique details in individual timber grains also add dimension. And best of all, the rich tones in the timber will make surrounding whites pop even more – so you won’t risk losing that contemporary feeling. There is also plenty of variety when it comes to timber selections. With so many colour variations and individual characteristics, the choice of having wooden furniture can still feel personalised and be well considered to complement your style of home. Offering lighter selections like Victorian Mountain Ash and American Oak to offer an even grain selection and soft colour palette. Or in contrast, consider deeper tones offered in traditional Jarrah or Chocolate toning. Of course, one of our most popular choices is Tasmanian Blackwood which is so adaptable because of the light and dark tones throughout each piece. The natural variations make it well suited to both modern and traditional styles of home and also help it blend among existing wooden furniture you might have. We know you may want something even more specific when it comes to timber choice, and that’s why our specialist craftspeople can closely colour match so you can be even more selective with your choices.

small tv entertainment unit with white drawers and oak frame

modern tv cabinet with open shelf and white drawers

We’ve noticed that black has become the new “white” more recently… With a sleek and slightly industrial feel, the combination of black against timber can also offer a  modern and minimalistic look. Providing a darker take on contemporary living, we’re also enjoying what we’ve seen of this trend… And as we custom design and build everything in our Adelaide furniture factory, you can mix and match whatever designs and colours you desire. This means you aren’t limited to customising your cabinet furniture, but can even experiment with your Dining Furniture selections, as seen below. With open plan living so popular, your dining setting usually sits amongst your living space. Why not match your storage and entertainment cabinetry to make a coherent suite with your Dining and Lounge furniture? This will truly pull the different areas of your home together to create a harmonious space.

Blackwood timber dining table with industrial black leg base

modern oak dining table with black trestle base

So what do you prefer? It may be difficult to decide through a screen… So why not visit our large Showroom to see examples of these variations up close? You can also appreciate the quality of our manufacturing while you’re here. Each week we see new furniture styles come through our showroom, meaning we’re constantly inspired with new design ideas. Be sure to visit us and talk to our knowledgable staff about customising wooden furniture uniquely designed for your home.