So you’re looking to upgrade your Dining Table? What are the ‘must haves’ on your list? Perhaps shape and size are important to you, or the materials and finish? You might be needing something for your everyday dining space or a formal dining area – but either way, there are many considerations to factor into your decision. As specialists in crafting dining tables for almost 50 years here in Adelaide, we have plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to designing and crafting tables of all sorts. Whether you desire a traditional rectangular dining table or a stylish round shape made big or small, we can certainly accommodate your needs. But we have to admit, there is always a soft spot when it comes to extendable tables… We are very proud to specialise in crafting extension dining tables, and with good reason. Let us walk you through some of the benefits that make us choose extension tables every time…



While we love the simplicity of a fixed dining table, it is certainly more limiting. An extension dining table essentially gives you two tables in one – and that sounds pretty cool to us (because who doesn’t like having options). Especially during a time where we are more inclined to stay at home with close friends and loved ones, it’s nice being able to gather everyone in the same space with no limitations.

Fixed dining table crafted in hardwood timber with traditional design Extendable Dining Table crafted in hardwood timber

If you have a growing family or simply enjoy hosting dinner parties, it makes sense you have dining room furniture that complements your lifestyle. With an extendable table, you can keep it closed so it takes up less space for daily use, and effortlessly transform it into a larger table when gathering friends and family for special occasions. And because our extension mechanism is so easy to use (and very practical to hide), it won’t feel like a task every time you choose to open and close it.

Extension Dining Table mechanism

In our large showroom, we have a variety of extension tables on display for you to see up close. Let us demonstrate the mechanism for you and talk you through the different design options and timber selections on offer. We can even explore some dining chairs to pair nicely with your chosen table.



This is one of the most significant dining table features to consider when updating your space. This will be impacted by the size and shape of your dining area, your personal style, and ensuring adequate seating can be achieved. Of course, the whole point of choosing an extension table is to offer flexibility between more or less seating – depending on the occasion. But this doesn’t have to restrict your choice of shape.

While it might be assumed you are limited to a rectangular dining table, this isn’t the case… Let us craft a round table for daily use that extends into an elegant oval shape. Or for something more modern, a square table when closed, that transforms into a rectangle when necessary.

Extension Table being opened and closed


Due to the nature of an extendable dining table, the orientation of grain will run in horizontal pieces from end to end (as opposed to lengthways, which is commonly used for fixed tables). This allows for the hidden extension mechanism to seamlessly open and join the existing table top.

As your timber choice will be a prominent feature of your table, it’s certainly worth considering your options before making a final choice. We use quality hardwood timber for all of our extendable dining tables, which is why they are so beautiful to use (and admire of course). By using such quality materials, we can confidently ensure our customers a long wearing product.

We offer a diverse selection of timbers which include the following…

Tasmanian Blackwood
This is one of our personal favourites – and for many of our customers too. Being one of the finest varieties of hardwood timber guarantees your dining table will look like a designer piece. As Tasmanian Blackwood is a thick and durable hardwood, it means you don’t have to feel cautious when using your table, because this material is ideally used for products like this. And while the quality is obviously incredible, the colour and finish are also desirable. With so many variations of grain and colour tone, this timber can sit harmoniously with other timbers and colours in your space and the unique variations emphasise the natural beauty of this material.

Tasmanian Blackwood Timber Sample

Victorian Mountain Ash
A resilient and durable hardwood makes this ideal for crafting extension tables. The lighter, even grain offers a modern finish and creates lightness to any space. This particular timber also stains well, which allows you to tone it to almost any shade you like – making it perfect if you’re planning to match with the existing dining room furniture you already have.

Victorian Mountain Ash Timber Sample

American Oak
Not only is this timber popular for its beautiful grain and soft colour tone, but the quality of this hardwood is equally as impressive. This particular timber can last many years with little to no maintenance and can sustain pressure and heat well – which is ideal for an extension dining table. While typically a lighter timber, American Oak offers so many tonal variations which create warmth to your space and emphasises the natural characteristics.

American Oak Timber Sample

While these are some of our most popular timber selections by customers, there’s no need to feel restricted. Our Adelaide furniture store offers a large scope of timbers, displayed on multiple furniture items for you to consider.



As already mentioned, by choosing an extendable dining table, you essentially have two dining tables – one for everyday use and another for special occasions to host more people. When deciding what size combination is best for you, it’s important to look at the space in your dining room first. From here, work backwards with sizing… Determine the largest possible size your table can extend to before it overpowers the room and takes up too much space. Once you’re comfortable with this size, work your way down to establish a convenient size for daily use. And when working out your measurements, don’t forget to consider other dining room furniture and your dining chairs, as these will also be taking up space in the room.

Modern Extendable Dining Table open Modern Extendable Dining Table closed

We have a range of different size combinations in our showroom that you can see in person to help visualise the right proportions. We can show you physical and digital examples of current and past designs, giving you plenty of inspiration to help create the perfect extension table for your home. Whether you desire an 8 seater dining table or something larger like a 10 or 12 seater dining table, we can certainly accommodate your needs.



Because our showroom has a variety of dining tables on display, you have the opportunity to experience our craftsmanship up close. Best of all, the easy to use system means no strain on yourself or the table – which ensures the longevity of your piece. Let us demonstrate the functionality for you while talking you through timber selections and design options to create the perfect extension table for your home.