Modular vs Sofa

Ever wondered how to choose the right lounge suite for your living room? Firstly, consider factors like lifestyle, space, interior style, and simply personal preference. One common question we get is whether a Modular Couch is better than an individual Sofa Lounge? The choice is yours – but we have broken down the benefits of each to help you decide which you might prefer…


The Modular Lounge – an ideal all-in-one seating option for lots of homes (particularly with growing families). Typically this lounge is a little larger in size, with a chaise or return section, adding extra seating (or space to stretch out and indulge after a long day). Whether desired as a corner sofa or to sit as a freestanding modular, having a larger lounge offers plenty of seating – and plenty of comfort too.

Investing in a bigger sofa generally brings added convenience, being a single piece rather than multiple pieces. There is usually no need to have additional armchairs or sofas when you purchase a modular lounge, as they are specially designed for group seating. Seen more in modern styling, modular lounges offer depth and warmth to your room and can be accessorised so many different ways. Style accent cushions and throw rugs in different configurations to offer a new look for your living space.

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The overall presence of a Modular Lounge always seems more inviting when it’s time to lounge around. The corner spot is usually the favourite place for curling up in for added comfort and having a chaise is also welcoming when additional guests are over, as it feels more inclusive for everyone gathering in one spacious zone. And whether you choose a fabric modular lounge or one upholstered from genuine leather, you’ll be guaranteed comfort. We offer a large range of fabric and leather upholstery options in our showroom for you to browse while designing your custom lounge suite. Consider what option best complements your home and lifestyle. Leather typically gives a more durable and luxurious finish, while choosing a fabric offers a softer and lighter feeling. We offer stain guarding with all of our fabric selections to eliminate any fear of marks and staining too.

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However, this isn’t to say a Modular should be the only option when choosing lounge furniture. Who’s to say that joint, community seating is better than multiple seats in different sizes? Why not consider a sofa with some armchairs for design and seating flexibility?


While a big singular piece can easily seat anywhere from 4 – 6 people (or more if you choose), so can two separate 2 – 3 seater Sofas. While either option is suitable, they offer a different ambiance and aesthetic to your living space. Choosing individual Sofas will offer flexibility when setting up your space and certainly creates a more spacious area, by introducing negative space through exposed floor area.

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Whilst separate Sofas can sometimes feel more formal, the traditional concept allows personal space, so you don’t have to feel restricted when choosing where to sit. This also allows you to incorporate different colours, textures, and design styles if you wish to add some interest to your home. It can also create an opportunity for you to incorporate a sofa bed into your space. This occasional item proves very handy for out-of-town guests or family movie nights. But no matter what purpose, having the choice is always a plus!

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While it’s a little easier for us to see the benefits of both options, it’s hard to feel a preference for one over the other. With all lounge furniture made locally, whether you choose a Modular Lounge or Sofa Lounge it can be personalised to your specific requirements. Select upholstery in leather or fabric, have it made to any size, and even consider adding custom features… We offer so many variations to our lounge pieces, meaning you can modify an existing design or work with us to create something entirely custom. We love seeing customer pieces enter our showroom each week – it gives us (and new customers) inspiration when choosing designs and colours.


Lounge in comfort with designer lounge room furniture. No matter what design or configuration you choose, comfort is at the forefront of all our lounges. Using quality hardwood frames and customising individual comfort levels to suit each person’s needs. It’s what makes our lounge furniture truly exceptional. We offer a wide selection of fabrics from Warwick Fabrics and Zepel Fabrics for you to explore in our Showroom as well.

But most importantly when choosing your Lounge furniture, if you choose an Australian made Lounge, you are investing in quality materials and craftsmanship, which in turn means longer product durability. And of course, it’s always nice to support a local business too.

Are you still weighing up your options? Perhaps you’re not sure what best suits your living space? As lounge furniture manufacturers in Adelaide, we can discuss all your options in detail. Provide us with measurements, ideas and let us break down any concerns you might have. Our Showroom is conveniently located on Magill Road, with plenty of rear parking, so come in a talk to our experienced staff.

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