Nordic Design Furniture have been manufacturing quality designer furniture, in Adelaide South Australia, for over 46 years… Proudly specialising in handcrafting unique pieces for all types of clients.


Furniture made just for you…

Creating personalized furniture is something we have been offering our clients for many years. This means we have seen thousands of unique furniture items go through our factory. From custom bedroom pieces, to luxurious lounge suites, we’ve been exposed to an immense number of trends. With this first hand experience, it means we have gained up close knowledge of just how diverse furniture can be.

Whether you are styling a new or old home, we can create exactly the right furniture to suit your needs. Whether you’re wanting something with a modern edge or something that has a little more character, we can provide it all!


Be involved

With all of our furniture locally handcrafted, our clients are given the opportunity to be involved in the design process (which we think is pretty cool)… Whether you’d like to match existing pieces or create something that’s one-of-a-kind, the option is yours – so have your say on the finer details when it comes to refining your design. As we want our clients to be involved in the process, this allows input in all aspects of your furniture… All the way down to selecting the type of grain you might want  in your timber.

Whether you’d like to order something straight off the showroom floor, incorporate a combination of existing designs or design something completely new, our specialist craftspeople can do it all.


Check out our “Customer Selections”

Of course there’s no better way of highlighting this than with visuals to back it up… This is why we have “customer selections” for each category of our website. By clicking through to customer selections you can view a variety of customer pieces, including all kinds of timbers plus fabric and leather options and even unique custom pieces too. Click here for some examples of customer combinations from our dining page… Don’t forget to visit our other categories too!


By choosing to personalize your furniture it ensures you have pieces in your home that fit your lifestyle just right. You’ll experience the ultimate form of comfort and exactly the right feel for your home. Visit us today to discuss your ideas… we’d love to assist in bringing your vision to life!

You can also see the quality of our furniture up close and see what exciting new products have come down from our factory (which is only 5 minutes up the road). So stop by to discuss some of your options with us today… We look forward to seeing you!